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Set auto-reminders for new hires to complete enrollment

Currently, the only functionality to alert one or more employees of forms that need to be completed is during a new company setup or open enrollment. What would be very useful is to be able to set an auto-reminder email to go out to any new hire who has yet to complete his/her forms.

Ideally, the broker or group admin would be able to choose the frequency of the email (send every X days until complete).

Now, the only way to communicate with the employee through Ease Central is by using the same email function used to give them their initial log in. Any follow up email using the same function requires a password reset, can't be automated, and the email text can't be saved without replacing the standard email text that goes out initially to new hires.

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Any update on this? Two related requests:

1. Ability to save multiple default emails to message employees. Examples:

  • Open enrollment message
  • Reminder to complete open enrollment 
  • New hire message
  • Reminder to new hire to complete forms
  • Final urgent reminder to new hire to complete forms
2. Ability to use bold, italic, underline, bullets, etc. for messaging emails to employees

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An enhancement for automated email alerts for employees in specific enrollment windows who need to complete Onboarding or benefit selections is high on our product roadmap priorities. 

In the meantime, the best practice is to to use the email capability in the Company Logins page. Messages can be sent to employees who have already logged in as well as those who have not set their login. The system will not reset the employee's password by using this option if he/she has already set his/her password. If the employee logged in previously the URL will default to the company's EaseCentral portal's log in and they can log in as usual. 

Additionally, enrollment progress can be tracked in the Plans > Actions > Enrollment Progress page. 

We have received requests to save multiple default emails with formatting options and will add your request to this enhancement request. 

I'd like to see the reminder messages not branded easecentral(see below), but rather it should be either coming from the employer or broker, but more likely the employer as it seems strange that the technology vendor is sending me reminders.  

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I am glad to see this feature being added. I understand Sara's recommended work around but that is A LOT of work. We would have to do it for each company and then it is not timed for each employee but a group. The automated feature will be AMAZING. I have a few large employers who spend a lot of time dealing with this issue... which means I do to.

I would ask for an additional feature. An email that is sent to us if the employee does not complete their enrollment by the "drop dead" date.

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The Broker/Company Admin notification request is included in the current feature enhancement request. 

Has this feature been added? If yes, where do we go to set it up?

It's not added yet. We will send out an email blast when this is available. Thanks for checking in!

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Any update on this feature?

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Hi Sarah! Could you update us on this feature request?

It's still pretty high on our priority list but our engineers are behind at this time on rolling out some new features. 

Any word on ability to save multiple email formats and select the one you want to send?  There is a lot going on in this request and I'm not sure that's addressed in your responses. Thanks!

We don't have an ETA yet on when an auto reminder will go out to employees who have not yet finished their enrollment, or when the multiple email formats might be rolled out but these are logged internally. 

The best HRIS Systems have the auto email feature, to be used as a reminder and a trigger mechanism for action, but with respect to enrollment as well as to follow up on training, learning and execution. This is in essence a simple menu that allows for programming a specific action in relationship to the hire date. 

Any update on this?

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