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Option to change election for Transit/Parking only

Because transit/parking commuter benefits may be changed by the employee without a qualifying event, this is one of the most common reasons for an employee to access EaseCentral after they are first enrolled.

However, there is no specific functionality to accommodate this type of change -- the employee must select an option from Life Events such as "Following Employer Instructions."

There are several problems with using this method to make the changes:

1. The system allows the employee to then make changes to any benefit (when they should be restricted to just accessing Parking/Transit

2. The benefit change effective date gets tracked as the original effective date (usually the most recent open enrollment date, or the start date of the plan.)

What we need is a specific option in the drop-down for Life Events that is dedicated to "Commuter Benefit Change only", which would then limit the employee's ability to edit anything other than that benefit. The effective date should also get tracked as the first of the following month by default.


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Thanks for your feedback. 

We are working on the Life Event process in EaseCentral and will be updating the effective date logic when employees enter life event changes. 

Additionally, we will review the capability for employees to choose an option that allows them to make changes for selected plan types like Transit/Parking, 401k, or Health Savings Accounts. 

Sarah - can you please provide an update on this? Thanks

This is still logged as an update with our engineers. 

Yes we just had two of our clients comment on this that their employees should be able to make changes to Parking/Transit monthly.


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