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Integration with BambooHR

I think it would be beneficial to both EaseCentral and BambooHR to integrate, so that clients aren't having to go through onboarding in BHR, and then make elections within EaseCentral.

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We've looked at this with some of our's important to them that the feeds be bi-directional (so that they can pull EE info into the BenAdmin, then also pull enrollment/deduction info back to their HRIS). This would be true regardless of the HRIS from what we hear.

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I too would greatly benefit by integration between BambooHR and EaseCentral. A lot of time would be saved if I didn't need to manually sync the two systems. And, yes, it should be bi-directional.

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We talk to quite a few companies who use Bamboo HR and would like to use Ease as well. Interested in any way to make these two systems talk - To my knowledge, Ease has API capability (though not an "open API"). If nothing else, perhaps a preferred/trusted vendor could be tasked with linking the two systems...? OR, if this is not possible, adding certain features that Bamboo offers could be great.

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