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Logins email

Would be helpful to save certain message templates I make, such as an OE login message or New Hire login message or whatever the case for popular messages.

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You can save messages, when in the login tab or prgoress tab and emailing an employee there is a button in the bottom right corner that says save email. If you mean saving an email from company to company, yes I wish there was a way for this to save as well. I have a template that I use, that i also use to edit the instructions sections under the customize tab; for new hire employees, the medical sections, beneficiaries, etc. but yes it would be very nice if the messages would transfer from one group to the next. 

Yes I am aware of the save, but have been told best practice was to keep it generalized and not save to something more specific, such as a customized OE message. If I save a customized one and several employees need welcome emails resent, I have to modify the saved because an OE meeting that was mentioned already passed etc.  It would be particularly nice to have a drop down of a company's saved message templates.  Not a huge deal, but definitely would be a time saver.  And, as you mentioned, to have saved templates within our entire platform for use from company to company would be bonus.

Would most definitely be nice! Yes, I am constantly having to go in there and change it after open enrollment and with our number of groups in EaseCentral growing it can be quiet a task.

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