Company profile information is used to create and populate insurance carrier and ACA IRS-ready forms that require employer data. Additionally, it's used to determine administrative access to your company's portal. Entering these details can ensure that someone assisting your broker in setting up plans has the details they need to appropriately determine eligibility, rates, contributions and accessible documents. 


  • If using EaseCentral for ACA reporting, COMPANY NAME, FEDERAL TAX ID (EIN) must match IRS.
  • SIC CODE and NATURE OF BUSINESS, may drive eligibility and/or rates for specific types of benefits, such as Short Term Disability.
  • ENTITY TYPE may affect Pre-Tax and Post-Tax offerings for some employees.
  • AGENCY, AGENT and Team information is provided from your associated broker portal and impacts administrative access to your site.
  • PRODUCERS are for your tracking purpose only and does not impact administrative access. However, it is included in Reports > Available Reports > Team Access Audit report.

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