YouTube is an excellent tool for hosting your videos. It’s free, reliable and easy to use.

It is recommended that create a separate YouTube account that you use just for your EaseCentral videos. You need to have a Gmail account to associate with your YouTube account so you should also create a unique Gmail account for use with your EaseCentral videos.  This is not required, just suggested to keep everything separated from personal items.

To create a YouTube account simply go to Choose ‘Sign In’ and you’ll see the option from there to create a new account. Follow the instructions. You can simultaneously create a new Gmail account along with your new YouTube account at the same time.

Once you have created your account, you can immediately upload your videos. If you have not yet created one, do so. You can start with a simple PowerPoint presentation to practice. For tips on this, see our help desk solution. You can find it by searching key word ‘PowerPoint’. Once you are ready, you can upload the video.

Log in to your YouTube account.

Choose ‘Upload’

Select Private and then click the Select files to ‘upload’. You can always edit your settings. So if you don’t select ‘Private’ at this point, you can do so later.

**NOTE: You don’t have to make your video private. However, by doing so the link you use in EaseCentral will be the only practical way for people to view the video.  If you make the video ‘public’ it is easily found. While most of the information you present is not confidential you probably don’t want people, other than the selected audience, viewing the content.

When the upload is complete, you will see the address to where the video is published. You can always see the address by selecting the video to view later as well. You can do this by logging in to your YouTube account and accessing the VIDEO MANAGER from the dropdown in the upper right.

It's easy to embed a video into the EaseCentral enrollment. You can add the video that will display when an employee selects a plan by pasting the video URL in any of the Instructions fields in the Benefits > Eligibility or Benefits > Forms pages. 

You can also embed a video in any of the CustomizeInstructions pages.