EaseCentral has a Universal enrollment form that can be used with any line of coverage in the system.  This form provides a clear and easy way to gather enrollment information from the user online. This form allows employees to be enrolled via carrier web portals without submitting the carrier-specific application.

In addition, EaseCentral maintains a comprehensive library of carrier forms that can be assigned to any plan. After an employee enrolls, the data employees and administrators enter into EaseCentral is 'mapped' to carrier-specific enrollment forms. We map carrier applications for virtually all lines of coverage in each state. We map forms based on the needs of our broker community. Our forms mapping policy falls into two categories:


If your requested form is "all-inclusive", including all or most potential lines of coverage offered by the carrier, and can be used by other employers, we will map the requested forms at no cost provided the form that can be added to our general library and used by our other broker partners.


If your requested form is for the broker or employer's use only there is a $500 forms mapping fee for non-health forms and a $1,500 fee for health underwritten forms.

To request a form to be mapped please create a ticket in the help desk or email the form to support@easecentral.com. You will be notified if there will be a cost prior to the form being mapped.  The timeframe required to map a form and make it available in EaseCentral is generally 3-4 weeks but this can vary.

Note that change forms mapped to our library will include the employee demographic information and signature only. The actual change that is occurring (e.g., changing from plan A to plan B, or dropping a dependent) will need to be manually completed.