After logging in, you'll have access to both your broker portal and client portals from the home page.

Search for a company by typing in all or part of the Company name. The search logic allows you to enter any part of the name, not just the first few letters.  For example, ‘The Anderson Consulting Group’ would be retrieved by either searching, ‘The’ or ‘Anderson’.  You can also select a letter of the alphabet to see any companies in your account that begin with that letter.To pull up a list of all client portals in alphabetical order leave the search field empty and hit enter/return. The search will list up to 50 companies at a time. 

From the home page you can also perform the following tasks

  • Add Company - Select to add a Company portal.
  • Create a variety of Reports. Allows you to set a date range, select a client, and download add, change, and termination reports. Reports can also be filtered by new enrollment, enrollment changes and enrollment termination reports.