View a quick one-minute instructional video reviewing how to add and manage agency employees or read how to add agency employees below. 

 To add additional agency Administrators click the Add Employee option in the Employees section. 

  1. Assigning employees to a Location will help organize agency employees for reporting purposes. Locations will need to be previously added in the Profile section in order to assign to agency employees. 
  2. Employees set up as an Administrator will be able to add, view, or edit any company sites. The Administrator option should only be selected if the broker employee should have access to view all company portals set up under the broker portal. Typically there will be just one or a select few agency employees who should have this access. 
  3. An Email address will be required for login purposes. The email address or Username, if assigned, will be how the agency employee logs into EaseCentral. 
  4. Mobile Phone number can be included in order to access login information as well. 
  5. If the Daily Change Notification box is checked, each agency employee will receive a nightly notification email confirming which client sites had enrollment changes on that day.

EaseCentral's subscription levels allow for a set number of agency users. Additional fees may apply for more agency seats. 

Employees can be assigned to Teams in the Profile > Organization sectionAgency employees will only have access to any company portals assigned to his/her team. This option can be used to provide General Agent partners access to specific clients as well. Click Actions > Add Team to get started.

Enter the Team name and select the Team members by clicking on the Employees drop menu. Click Add Team once finished.

After adding in the Team, click on Companies and find the company that this team will be assigned to. Click the company name. From the Profile tab, select the drop menu next to Teams and select the team that should have access to the company.

All broker employees included in this Team will have access to this company from the broker portal.