The best way to test the configuration of a company portal is to log in as a test employee and verify the following displays accurately and as expected: 

  • Benefit eligibility - Can employees only see the plan options they are eligible for?
  • Employee experience and instructions - Are employees required to complete Previous & Current Coverage if it's required on carrier forms? Check to be sure it's enabled or disabled in the Customize > Fields page. Are Health Questions asked and enabled on the Customize > Fields page if forms require employees to complete health questions? Are there adequate instructions about enrolling in specific benefits. For example, are instructions included on the Forms > Instructions page to notify employees about entering their Provider IDs in the carrier's format? 
  • Employee contributions - Are the per pay period contributions displayed to the employee as you would expect? Validate contributes for the test employee as well as other employees in a variety of different eligibility groups in their Employees > Benefits pages. 
  • Completed forms - Do the forms generated in EaseCentral include all required information and are the plans selected appropriately?

When adding a test employee for testing purposes, the Status in the Employees > Profile > Employment page should be designated as Test. Otherwise, the test employee must be set up with the same demographics and work information as other employees populated in the EaseCentral portal. For example, if other employees are assigned LOCATION and JOB CLASS, the test employee should also have these fields assigned. If all employees have SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK assigned in their EaseCentral profile, the Test Employee should also include this information. Is the PAY CYCLE selected the way it is selected on other employee profiles? This will ensure the testing will replicate the experience of other employees. 

If there are employees eligible for different plans or contributions, it is recommended to test employees in each eligibility group, e.g., LOCATION, JOB CLASS, DIVISION, and SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK. 

It is also recommended the Company Administrator test the enrollment using their own Personal Profile in EaseCentral or by logging in as an additional test employee.