New hire and qualifying event change report can be accessed in the REPORTS menu on the home page. 

Generated Reports - All reports generated in EaseCentral can be located and accessed in our system. Recent reports will be listed and will include employee forms and import files. Click on the report name to open the form or import file that was generated the date displayed.


Reports to help manage enrollment, demographic, and work changes can be found in the REPORTS tab in the Manage Changes section. 

Brokers and Company Administrators will also receive nightly email alerts notifying them when changes are made to employee enrollment, demographic, or work information. The email will specify which company had employee changes and the Manage Changes report can be accessed to confirm specific employees and their changes. 

This report will default to show changes made over the previous week. Changing the FROM DATE or TO DATE will update the date range. Only those companies and employees within the companies that had changes during that date range will be displayed. 

By default, all changes that are pending will be displayed. The status can also be changed to display changes filtered by the type of change made by the employee, Broker, or Administrator. Pending - Qualifying Event, Pending - New Hire, Pending - Terminated, or Processed changes. Processed changes typically mean they have been sent to the carrier and/or payroll system by the Broker or Client Administrator by either generating an enrollment form or submitting the enrollments to the carrier via a spreadsheet or report. Noting whether changes have been processed is optional, but can help Brokers or Company Administrators verify when changes were sent to carriers. 

Note, for employers using payroll integration, processing changes will also initiate those changes to be sent to the payroll provider. Payroll integration is not automatically turned on for employers and does need to be implemented for payroll providers who are partners to EaseCentral. Please contact EaseCentral support to confirm integrated partners.  

The Modified Date will specify when the most recent changes were made. Demographic and work changes will be displayed at the very bottom of the screen. The user who made the change and the EMPLOYEE SIGNATURE status can be determined by clicking the Info button. If the employee signed his/her form the signature date will display. If the employee entered changes, but did not complete his/her enrollment by not adding their signature, the EMPLOYEE SIGNATURE status will display as N/A.

If the employee entered the change due to a qualifying event, the Event will display the qualifying event selected by the employee prior to entering his/her enrollment changes. 

Additional resources, information, and actions can be found in the Actions menu. 

To process all pending changes for the selected company choose Process Company Changes. To process only the pending changes for the employee selected, choose Process Employee Changes

Each employee enrollment form can be generated in order to send to the carrier by using the Enrollment Forms option. 

A PDF version of the employee's Enrollment Summary can be generated from the Actions menu as well. This can be provided to the employee to confirm the changes they entered into EaseCentral. 

The Enrollment History will generate a report displaying all enrollment changes the employee, Broker, or Company Administrator entered into EaseCentral for all plan years.

Employee demographic and work changes will display at the bottom of the page in the Employee Profile section.  


Reports detailing activities including adds, changes and terms are available in EaseCentral. The report will include changes made to any benefits as well as changes on demographic fields of employees and dependents. Activity reports are extremely detailed and may take a few minutes to generate.  

To run a report: 

  1. Click on the REPORTS >link at the top of the EaseCentral Page.
  2. Choose Available Reports.
  3. Select the company from the company drop list.
  4. Select Activity.
  5. Enter the FROM date. This will be the start date of the requested activity. Any changes entered into EaseCentral after this date will be included in this report. 
  6. Enter the TO date. This will be the end date of the requested activity. Any changes entered into EaseCentral prior to this date will be included in this report. 
  7. Select the TYPE of data to be included on the report. 
    • A Detailed report will include: all changes, all adds, and all terminations
    • An Add report will include: new employee and dependent demographic additions and new benefit elections
    • A Termination report will include: employee terminations and benefit terminations 
    • A Changes report includes demographic changes and benefit changes
The old and new values will be reflected on the report as well as the last change date and who made the change.


The Renewals report outlines all companies set up in the broker's portal as well as the renewal effective date for each plan set up in the company's portal. 

View the Custom Reporting Solution for more information about Custom Reports.