Employee Enrollment Census reports can be generated in the Company > Benefits section in the Reports menu.  

The Horizontal and Vertical census reports will generate the same employee, dependent, and enrollment data, however the data will be formatted differently depending on which option is chosen.

The Horizontal census report will include one row per member. Each unique plan election will be displayed in separate columns. This report is recommended if the goal is to review all elections for a selected group of employees. 

The Vertical census report will include all unique plan elections under the same column. This means employees and dependents may be listed on multiple rows. This report is recommended if the goal is to review elections grouped by plan type. Vertical reports can be sorted by plan type in order to subtotal the number of enrollments by plan. 

Once the Census option is chosen, the file will run and be available for access in the REPORTS menu when completed. An In Progress status will display if the report has not been completed. Typically reports are quickly generated in seconds. If the report contains a lot of data it will take longer to generate. 

Horizontal and Vertical census reports that are generated on a certain date can be accessed at any time in the future. This feature will help confirm enrollments as they existed at a certain point-in-time.