We have two set up options for Pediatric Dental.  

Option 1: If the Pediatric Dental is required any time an employee enrolls in medical with a child an option is to add the premium for the Pediatric Dental plan to the medical plan rates for the ages of 0-18. 

This will ensure that any employee with a dependent that's enrolled in medical will also be shown the premium for the required Pediatric Dental plan. 

If the group has younger employees 18 or under, the extra rate would apply to the as well, so this would not be advised if there were employees 18 years or under. 

You would also want to attach any enrollment forms needed for Pediatric dental to the medical plan. You may also want to include the Pediatric Dental Benefit Summary in the Documents section for the employee to view. You could also include a message in the Enrollment Instructions at the bottom of the Eligibility tab that notifies employees they will be automatically be enrolled in the Pediatric Dental plan if they have dependents 18 and under. 

You would not need the separate Pediatric Dental plan altogether in this case. 

Option 2:  If the Pediatric Dental is required any time an employee enrolls in medical with a child another option is to create a separate Pediatric Dental Plan. You will make the Pediatric Dental Plan contingent on any/all eligible medical plans using the Enrolled Bundled contingency type, making the enrollment required and setting the eligible dependents as children.  You do not want to select spouse/domestic partners. Please keep in mind that this setup will force an EE that has selected EE only coverage to enroll, however, the cost will show as $0.

You will want to attach any required enrollment forms and plan summaries to the Pediatric Dental plan.

If you have multiple pediatric dental options (e.g., HMO/PPO, Base/Buy Up) you will follow the same set up but just add in a second plan option to accommodate.

Example for Option 1: HMO Medical with HMO Pediatric Dental and HMO Medical with PPO Pediatric Dental

Example for Option 2: HMO Pediatric Dental and PPO Pediatric Dental