If a plan is COBRA eligible, employers can choose to track COBRA enrollments within EaseCentral. COBRA Election Notices would need to be sent to employees outside of EaseCentral, but if an employee decides to enroll, the Company Administrator can either enter the elections on the COBRA participant's behalf or can allow employees with a COBRA status to log in and make their elections in EaseCentral. 

The COBRA status must be set to Eligible - 100%, Eligible - 102%, or Eligible - 110% in the Benefits > Profile page in order for someone with a COBRA status to see the option to enroll. 

  • The Eligible - 100% option will show the full monthly premium as the cost for the COBRA plan. This may be chosen so the EaseCentral Consolidated Billing report matches the carrier's invoice. 
  • The Eligible - 102% option will show the premium as the full monthly premium + the allowable 2% Administrative fee. 
  • The Eligible - 110% option will show the premium as the full monthly premium + the Cal-COBRA 10% Administrative fee
  • If the COBRA costs are anything other than 100%, 102%, or 110% of the carrier premium, please use the 100% option and include instructions on the Benefit > Forms page to help enrollees calculate COBRA. Instructions will be visible to employees with Active or COBRA status. 

In order to allow enrollment in COBRA plans in EaseCentral, first change the employee's status to Terminated in the Employees > Profile > Employment page and enter the employment TERMINATION DATE. This will terminate coverage in all active plans with the effective date based on plan rules selected in the Eligibility page of the plan. 

If an employee is enrolling in COBRA, change the employee’s status from Terminated to COBRA and then add the COBRA effective date in the BENEFIT ELIGIBLE DATE field in the Employees > Profile > Coverage page. Employees will have 60 days after the BENEFIT ELIGIBLE DATE in order to log in and see the option to enroll. Additionally, the PAY CYCLE for the COBRA participant should be updated to Monthly to display the monthly costs when the participant logs in. 

If the Company Administrator or Broker is entering the COBRA election they can then enroll the employee by selecting Enrolled, choosing the plan, confirming the COVERAGE EFFECTIVE DATE and then clicking Save.  

COBRA participants can elect COBRA coverage by logging in, clicking Start Enrollment on their dashboard, and then selecting Enrolled and the COBRA-eligible plan they would like to elect. Their election will be auto-saved. 

There are no additional plans needed in order to enroll employees in COBRA. COBRA is automatically available based on the total premium from the active plan. 

Note: If employees are logging into EaseCentral to make their COBRA elections as new COBRA participants or during open enrollment, please confirm with the carrier that the forms used are sufficient for COBRA enrollments. 

Tip: Signed COBRA Election notices can be uploaded into the Employees > Documents > Shared or Private pages to store and track important documentation.