If a company is using the EaseCentral ACA module but does not already have employees, dependents, and/or enrollments populated in the company portal, use the ACA Employee Import Template. The ACA Employee Import Template can also be used if a company only has partial employee, dependent, and/or enrollment data for the current reporting year. For example, currently terminated employees who were active during the reporting year can be added using the ACA Employee Import Template.  

Enrollment changes may need to be entered in EaseCentral to properly reflect which employees elected or waived coverage for every month of the current reporting year for 1095-C form purposes. Access the ACA History Import Template to populate historical employee status and type changes, earnings updates, and enrollment history. Enrollment, status, and compensation history can be imported or added into employee's profiles for reporting or ACA purposes. To add history on an individual employee basis go to the Employee > Profile > History (ACA) page.

The ACA Hours Import Template will allow you to import hours worked and special leave hours for variable hour employees. Alternatively, the ACA Hours Monthly Template can also be used to import hours more efficiently for previous years. Note: Hours entered using the ACA Hours Import Template will not update the Ave. Hours Per Week field in the Employee Profile > Employment page. The Ave. Hours Per Week field is used for employees assigned a Variable Hour, Part-Time or Seasonal Employee Type to determine plan eligibility.