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The Part II Employee Offer and Coverage data required on the IRS 1095-C forms is displayed on the ACA > 1095-C page for each employee. Data for each employee can be accessed by making a selection in the EMPLOYEE menu. 

All employees will be included in the 1095-C page, regardless of whether they are considered Full-Time or actually participate in the employer’s health plan. There will be an indicator if employees were not eligible during any month of the reporting year.

Additionally, per IRS guidelines, 1095-C forms will not be generated for employees who have a Job Class or Job Title in the Employees > Profile > Employment page that includes the word "Owner," "Founder", or "Partner" unless they were enrolled in a self-funded plan. Please note that this only applies if an employee was an owners or officer for the entire year. If there was any part of the reporting year where they were not an owner or officer and if they were full-time for at least one of those months, a 1095 form will be generated. 

The Offer of Coverage (1095-C Line 14) section displays the appropriate Offer of Coverage code.  Hover over each code to display a message regarding the meaning.

The Employee Share of Lowest Cost Monthly Premium (1095-C Line 15) section displays the employee cost for self-only coverage of the lowest cost plan that was available to him or her for that month given the plan’s eligibility rules as defined under Plans > Eligibility. 

The Applicable Section 4980H Safe Harbor (1095-C Line 16) section displays the applicable Safe Harbor code.  Hover over each code to display a message regarding the meaning.

The 1095-C outputs can be exported into a .csv file by clicking on Generate ACA Reports on the ACA > Reporting page. For employers that have to e-file, they can use this file generated from the ACA module to electronically file.

Note: If the employer intends on using the W-2 Safe Harbor method, W-2 earnings must be uploaded into EaseCentral when they are determined for the reporting year. 

If the employer does not have enrollment data stored in EaseCentral for each month of the reporting year, the History Template can be used to populate historical information needed for 1094-C and 1095-C reporting. 

Prior to uploading the file, if plans that cover the full reporting year do not exist, the plans will need to be configured before the import is completed. The plans should have accurate eligibility rules in order for the ACA module to determine whether the employee was eligible for coverage. The EaseCentral ACA module will assume that an offer of coverage was made by the employer if the employee was eligible for the plan in EaseCentral in any given month. Employees and dependents information, employment types, compensation, and enrollment statuses can be uploaded to complete all required information for the reporting year. The historical import file can be found in Company > Employees > Actions > Import History.

Enrollment, status, and compensation history can be imported or added into employee's profiles for reporting or ACA purposes. To add history on an individual employee basis go to the Employee > Profile > History page.

Select Add Election History to enter the previous enrollment history for any plans already set up in EaseCentral. Click Add Employee History to enter previous employment types or compensation information. Be sure to enter the appropriate Effective Date for when the historical change was effective.