MDLIVE is a leading telehealth provider with a vast nationwide network of physicians that can treat routine medical conditions by connecting patients to a doctor 24/7/365. With MDLIVE, employees can visit with a doctor from home, office, or on the go connecting with physicians at any time using a phone, by secure video, or through the MDLIVE app.


MDLIVE's network of Board Certified physicians are available to assist with non-emergency medical conditions.  Physicians can diagnose symptoms, prescribe medications, and send prescriptions to a pharmacy of choice.  Employees will enjoy the benefits and convenience of MDLIVE, saving valuable time and money. MDLIVE covers common conditions like colds and flues, allergies, asthma, ear infections, sinus infections, etc. Families can use the MDLIVE service at no cost. 

For participating employers, easily add the MDLIVE plan to the employer's portal by selecting Benefits > Actions > Add Plan and then choose the MDLIVE plan type. After providing the plan name and effective date all plan details, rates, and supporting documents will automatically be populated. 

To learn about as well as educate and present MDLIVE services to employers and employees, access the additional resources below: 

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