Applicable Large Employers that file 250 or more 1095-C information returns during the calendar year must file the returns electronically. 1095-C forms can be electronically filed through EaseCentral's partner Nelco. 


E-filing costs are in addition to the EaseCentral $6 per 1095-C reporting costs. 

  • Ignore anything that does not say (ACA) as those services are for W-2s.
  • Please note, ACA prices increase by $1 on March 4th, 2019. The reference to January 31st increases are for  W-2 and 1099 filings.

  1. Federal E-file for 1095 (ACA) Forms - Nelco sends the 1094 and 1095 to the IRS only. 
  2. Recipient Delivery for 1095 (ACA) Forms (Print + Mailing + Online Retrieval) - Nelco sends 1095 to employees only. 
  3. Federal E-file + Recipient Delivery for 1095 (ACA) Forms (Print + Mailing + Online Retrieval) - Nelco send to IRS and employees.


To electronically file, access the Nelco Reporting Center. 

Please access our Electronic Filing Guide or view the instructional video below for step-by-step instructions.

For more information and a complete demonstration, please click 2018 EaseCentral-Nelco Electronic Filing for ACA 1095-C Reporting to view the webinar.


Once the forms have been filed with the IRS you will receive a confirmation from the IRS if the forms have been accepted, rejected, or if the IRS requires corrections to the forms. Please refer to the 1095 Corrections Guide for help completing corrections. 

  • The deadline for corrections to be completed is November 30.