Tobacco rates can be set up in the Rates section of the plan.  

By clicking on Table Columns, you will see that you can set up Tobacco Rates, Gender & Tobacco Rates, and Employee & Spouse & Tobacco Rates, depending on the design of your plan. To select one of these options, the Rate Type needs to be set at Table.

Gender & Tobacco Rates allows the rates to be applied based on the following statuses: Age, Gender, Tobacco, and Non-Tobacco

Employee & Spouse & Tobacco Rates allows the rates to be applied based on the following statuses: Age, Employee Tobacco User, Employee Non-Tobacco User, Spouse Tobacco User, and Spouse Non-Tobacco User.

SPOUSE TOBACCO > Base spouse tobacco use off employee use

A CESSATION PROGRAM can be set up in the Benefits > Profile section. If this box is checked within the plan, and the TOBACCO USER in the employee Profile is set to Yes - In Cessation Program, the Non-Tobacco rates will be applied.  

A TOBACCO SURCHARGE ($/%) amount can also be applied to rates in the Benefits > Rates page. The surcharge will look at the TOBACCO USER answer in the employee's Profile > Personal section. Spouse and Child Tobacco User status can also be applied. To apply the Tobacco Surcharge to the child, check the box Include children in tobacco surcharge. To set up the Tobacco Surcharge, the RATE TYPE used would be Tier or Tier-Table.

TOBACCO SURCHARGE can be a Composite amount, or an Individual amount. Individual surcharge will add the $/% amount for every occurrence of a TOBACCO USER. Composite surcharge will add the $/% amount to the total premium.

In the employee Profile > Personal section, the Administrator or employee can designate Yes, No, or Yes - In Cessation Program under TOBACCO USER. If TOBACCO USER is set to No, the Non-Tobacco rates will apply. If TOBACCO USER is set to Yes, the Tobacco rates will apply.