In order to access the Reporting page in the ACA module, ACA must be enabled in the company’s Marketplace. If the agency intends on paying for ACA reports, an agency employee should Enable ACA in the Marketplace. If the employer intends on paying for ACA reports, the employer should log in and select Enable in their Marketplace. 

Once enabled by either the Broker or a Company Administrator in the Marketplace, access will be granted to the ACA > Reporting page. Payment details will need to be provided before the 1094 and 1095 reports can be generated. If we have payment details on file for the agency and an agency employee will be generating ACA reports on behalf of employers, the broker can select Generate ACA Reports. If we do not have payment details on file for the agency, and the agency is generating the reports, the agency employee will select the Set up Payment Method button on the ACA > Reports page. Payment details will need to be entered before the Generate ACA Reports button will be available.

If employers enabled ACA and will be paying for ACA reports they must also enter their payment information before generating ACA reports. Employers can either enter Payment Details in the Company's Billing page or in the ACA > Reports page using the Set Up Payment Method option. 

The 1094-C and 1095-C forms can then be generated by selecting the Generate ACA Reports button. The 1094-C IRS forms, 1095-C IRS forms, and a 1095-C data outputs .csv export file will be available on the Reports page.  

In addition, the 1095-B or 1095-C forms will save in the Employees > Documents > Shared Documents. 

When employees log in next they will be prompted to view their 1095 form. If Open Enrollment is not enabled employees will be prompted to View Documents on their DASHBOARD when they log in. Once reviewed employees can access the 1095 forms from the Dashboard by choosing View Profile > Documents.

The GENERATE B FORMS? checkbox on the Reporting page will show if the company has any employees enrolled in a self-funded plan for the reporting year. If so, and if the checkbox is checked, then the B forms will generate in the zip report on the REPORTS page as well as in the Employees > Documents section for any employees who were enrolled. Otherwise, no B forms will be generated.

When generated, the EaseCentral ACA reporting costs are $6 per 1095-C form. 1095-C forms can be regenerated at no extra cost if needed. If forms need to be generated for forms not yet processed, there will be a $6 per new 1095-C form produced.  

EaseCentral does not file the IRS 1094-C or 1095-C forms on behalf of the employer. Employers filing 250 or more 1095-C forms must file electronically, and can do so easily with our partner Nelco. For employers that have to electronically file, the 1095-C data outputs .csv export file generated from the ACA module can be used to electronically file with EaseCentral’s partner Nelco. If companies use Nelco to electronically file, the data does not need to be reformatted into the IRS e-file required specifications. Please see the Nelco Electronic Filing Guide for step-by-step instructions.