EaseCentral includes a number of reports that provide insights into client's overall data, plan assignments, and agency usage. 


One report detailing activities for all of your clients in EaseCentral, including adds, changes, and terms, is in the Available Reports page. The report will include changes made to any benefits as well as changes on demographic fields of employees and dependents. Activity reports are extremely detailed and may take a few minutes to generate.  

To run a report: 

  1. Click on the REPORTS >link at the top of the EaseCentral Page.
  2. Choose Available Reports.
  3. Select Activity.
  4. Enter the FROM date. This will be the start date of the requested activity. Any changes entered into EaseCentral after this date will be included in this report. 
  5. Enter the TO date. This will be the end date of the requested activity. Any changes entered into EaseCentral prior to this date will be included in this report. 
  6. Select the TYPE of data to be included on the report. 
    • A Detailed report will include: all changes, all adds, and all terminations
    • An Add report will include: new employee and dependent demographic additions and new benefit elections
    • A Termination report will include: employee terminations and benefit terminations 
    • A Changes report includes demographic changes and benefit changes

The old and new values will be reflected on the report as well as the last change date and who made the change.

For more information about viewing changes, please see New Hire & Qualifying Event Change Reports Help Desk solution.

Age Changes

An Age Changes Report is available for broker and Company Administrators in the Reports > Available Reports page in EaseCentral and will display upcoming age changes in the plan year for any of the agency's clients set up in EaseCentral. The report will include dependents who will soon be over age and no longer eligible, employees whose Life or Disability benefits will be reduced due to age, and employees and spouses who will soon reach Medicare age, all in the upcoming 90 days.

Enrollments affected by age changes will also be identified in the Manage Changes page when the automated enrollment change occurs.

New Hire Enrollment Progress

Brokers can quickly access the total number of newly hired employees over the prior 90 days across all companies in their portal as well as their enrollment progress. The New Hire Progress report can be selected to view additional details and statuses for each employee. The progress colors represent the status of each new hire.

Red = Not started

Yellow = In progress

Green = Completed

Plan Premium 

Agencies now have access to a Plan Premium Report which identifies the total number of employees enrolled, participation rates, and total premium for each plan in employer portals set up under the agency portal in EaseCentral. Data can be filtered by company, plan, plan type, carrier, and more. Going forward, we recommend assigning a carrier to every plan added in EaseCenral to make the best use of this report.


In the REPORTS page agency employees have access to run a report over a specific date range that will display any companies coming up for renewal that may need updates in preparation for open enrollment. 

The report displays each company with plan renewal dates during the date range selected. 

Company Administrators 

A full report of all Company Administrators, as well as their contact info, assigned to any employer portals in EaseCentral can be generated in the Company Administrators page. 


The Marketplace report identifies products enabled for both you and your clients. The report includes product name, company, billing account, and date enabled.

Company Report

The Company report displays each company along with date added, employee count, location count, assigned agent and address.

Team Access Audit

The Team Access Audit report identifies agency team member assignments to each company set up under the Agency portal. Each employer will be listed in separate rows on the report and all agency employees are listed in separate columns. To see the number of clients and of teams assigned to each user you can sort and filter by the user/team member.

Anyone with administrator access will show they have access to all companies as the Administrator.

This report is only available to agency administrators to generate.