In the broker portal, the Marketplace will outline subscription levels, available add-on features to support compliance and HR needs, payroll and carrier integrations, telemedicine options, tailored benefit providers, general agents and rate quoting tools.

The EaseCentral subscription packages and current pricing model are listed.  The agency subscription level should be indicated on this page as well.

EaseCentral's compliance tools for ACA can be enabled/disabled for broker companies in the Marketplace by clicking Marketplace.

HR features such as Onboarding, HRAnswerlink powered by Mammoth, Mommoth HR On-Demand and HRIS are briefly explained in the Marketplace and can be enabled here by clicking on the appropriate box.

Payroll, Partner and Carrier Integrations can also be enabled; however, may need further set up assistance from Add-on features for companies are also listed in the Marketplace. Simply click the box to learn more information as well as enable the products.