When onboarding is enabled and employees log in within the number of days selected in Marketplace > Customize, they will be prompted to complete onboarding. 

View the below quick video to see the new hire onboarding experience from an employee's point of view. 

EaseCentral will prompt an employee to complete onboarding:

1.    Click Get Started. 

2.    Add any emergency contacts that should be referenced if needed by the employer and click Next

3.    Review and sign/acknowledge any documents added by the Broker or Company Administrator in Company > Documents > Onboarding and click Next.

4.    Enter W-4 filing status and any additional withholding information and allowances and click Next

5.    If the W-4 (STATE LEVEL) option is enabled in Marketplace > Onboarding > Customize, enter W-4 (STATE LEVEL) withholding in addition to federal W-4 information and click Next

6.    Confirm citizenship and using Add Document, enter evidence of identity and employment authorization by uploading identifying documents from the IRS list of acceptable documents and click Next

7.   For Direct Deposit, enter banking information and click Add Account, then Next

  • Employees can enter more than one account and select the $ or % he/she would like allocated to each account. 

8.    When all steps and required information is complete, review and sign onboarding forms and click Continue

9.   Once confirmation of completion is received, click Next and start new hire enrollment.