The Rate Quoting tool is a great way to create a quick premium quote or comparison for any of your companies.  

In order to generate a quote make sure that you have all the employees and dependents you wish to include in a quote on along with their birth date in their profile. You can import this information as well using our Quote Census.

 There are three types of quotes available in EaseCentral:

1. Comparison Quote – This will allow you to run a comparison of cost from last year’s plan to this year’s plan.

2. New Hire Quote – This quote will display how much each current plan will cost the employee prior to them logging in or being hired.

3. Prospective Plan Quote – This quote will display how much it would cost if the employer wanted to go with another plan/carrier.


How to Run a Comparison Quote:

Within the Rate Quoting tab, select the Actions drop down and select Add Company Plan. Select the current company plan/plans that you wish to compare. Once added, you can then select the Actions drop down again and select Add Rate Plan to add next year’s plans to compare. Enter a quote effective date and continue to complete each option, similar to adding rates in a plan.

After all of your plans have been added you will then see a drop down next to each plan.

Current Elections - This option will display a quote for every plan based on employees' elections. If they are currently waived, they will show waived for every plan. 

Everyone Enrolled - This option will show the cost for every employee and dependent even if they were waived previously.

Plan – This option will show the cost only for employees enrolled in their current plan.  

Note: The age displayed on the comparison will reflect the age of the employee or family member as of the effective date of the first plan added to the comparison/quote. If the first plan added has an effective date of 9/1/16, the member's age will reflect as of that date. However, if there are different effective dates for each plan listed on the comparison, the age of the member used to calculate the premium will use the age of the employee, spouse, or child as of the effective date of each plan, regardless of the age that's displayed next to the member's name. 

You can rearrange the order of the plans by clicking the three horizontal lines next to the plan name and dragging them to the appropriate placement based on desired order. Whichever plan is listed first will be the plan for which the employee's, spouse's, and child's age displays. 

Once you have selected the preferred option of running the quote you will then be able to set the contribution if needed. When generating a comparison with Company Plans, the quote will use the contribution from the Company > Benefits > Contribution page instead of any contributions entered on the Rate Quoting  page.

After all settings are complete you can now select the Actions drop-down menu and select Generate Quote.

Within the quote there is also a Family option that will break down the total cost for dependents as well.

You can save all the comparisons by selecting Actions and Save Comparison

How to run a New Hire Quote: 

Add the new hire as an employee in the system with basic demographic information including name, birth date, and any dependent information that has been provided. 

Within the Rate Quoting tab, select the Actions drop down and Add Company Plans. You will want to run a quote based on all plans so you will want to use the option Everyone Enrolled. You will not need to set contributions for a current company plan because those contributions are already built into the plan.  Select the Actions drop down and select Generate Quote. In the quote below, you can see what the cost would be for new hire Bill if he were to enroll himself and dependents in either one of the plans the company offers. 

How to run a Prospective Plan Quote: 

To run this quote you will select the Actions drop down and select Add Rate Plan. You will enter a quote effective date and then choose the plan you want to see rates for. You can choose as many plans as you would like, you can change effective date, rate area, and carriers. You can either choose Everyone Enrolled or Current Elections based on the information you would like (see above for description of the two), as well as enter a contribution. 

This quote can be done in many different ways. 

In the below example, we are comparing costs between two different carriers and different metallic levels. We selected Everyone Enrolled so we can see the potential cost if every employee were to enroll. We also did not put a contribution because in this example we would like to know the employer cost prior to contribution.