View a quick video about how to terminate an employee, or read the instructions below. 

If terminating an employee listed as an administrator, first remove them from Profile > COMPANY ADMINS.

An employee's employment status can be updated by changing the Active status to a Terminated Status. 

Enter the termination EFFECTIVE DATE and REASON


The employee's benefits are automatically terminated using the effective date based on the plan rules (e.g., Termination date or End of Month). 


Once the employment status is changed to Terminated employee access to EaseCentral will be denied. The employee’s historical information will remain in the system. Terminated employees can be found in the Employees > Terminated status option. 

There is an option to delete an employee’s record but please take caution to not delete an employe with work or enrollment history as information will be lost. Deleting employees should only be used when corrections are needed or in rare circumstances. 

If an employee is eligible for COBRA, change their employment STATUS from Terminated to COBRA and enter an effective date in the pop-up window. You will be able to enroll the terminated employee in the COBRA-eligible plan(s) and enter the appropriate effective date. Employees in a COBRA status are able to log into EaseCentral to make COBRA elections.

Terminating an employee from COBRA:

If an employee is currently enrolled in COBRA coverage, and terminates that coverage, change their STATUS from COBRA to Terminated.

A box will pop up requesting the details of this change. Enter the date that their COBRA coverage terminated, and enter any details into the REASON field.

Once complete, the employee's status will be updated to terminated and COBRA benefits will automatically be terminated as well. The employee will no longer have access to EaseCentral.

The History tab on the employee's profile will show all changes made throughout the employee's employment duration including original hire date, termination date, as well as status change from Terminated to COBRA.