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The Company Directory is accessible by company administrators, managers, and employees. It displays all employees entered into EaseCentral, his/her JOB TITLE, LOCATION, EMAIL, and WORK PHONE. Employees can be filtered by organization types so only employees in the selected Location, Department, and/or Division will display. 

If employees should not have access to view specific organization types, they can be deselected in the Actions > Customize Filters page. Any organization type not selected will not be visible to employees. This may be helpful when there are sensitive Job Classes used for benefit eligibility purposes. By default, the ability to filter by organization type will not be visible to employees. If employees should be able to filter employees in the Company Directory by organization type, each option should be selected in the Actions > Customize Filters

Actions > Download Directory will generate an excel version of the employee Directory

The Actions > List View option will display all employees in a quick list view. This option may be useful if employee photos have not been uploaded.

The Directory will be defaulted to the Photos View. This will display any photos already uploaded for each employee in EaseCentral. 

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