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The EaseCentral Org Chart is designed to display a vertical view of the company's organization and structure. The Org Chart allows company administrators to achieve company objectives by clearly illustrating relations, responsibilities, and communications between employees within the company.

Employees in the Org Chart page can be filtered by specific Organization Types like Location, Department, and Division. If the Org Chart is filtered by an Organization Type, only employees assigned to the Location, Department, and Division will display. If employees report to one manager across multiple Locations, Departments, or Divisions only the employees in the Organization Type filter used will be displayed on this page. To see a full view of direct reports, company administrators should set the Location, Department, and Division filters to All. 

Company administrators can find a specific employee by typing the name, or part of the employee's name, in the Find Employee field. The company administrator will be immediately directed to the employee's position within the organizational structure. 

The Org Chart feature is only visible to company administrators, it is not visible or accessible by non-company administrator employees. The broker contact is able to assign different company administrators as needed. 

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