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Company administrators can create and send a survey in the HRIS > Surveys page. 

The company administrator will enter a survey NAME and choose to duplicate questions from a previous survey in the DUPLICATE TEMPLATE field. If a template is not chosen questions can be added by the company administrator. 

The Single Answer question will allow an employee to choose one answer from a drop-down list of choices. Click Add Option to add answers an employee can select. If the employee can enter their own answer if none of the answers are applicable, choose Allow other answer. If the Question is required select the check box. Click Add Question when the question and answer selections have been entered. 

The order of the answers can be changed by clicking and holding the option and dragging the question to the appropriate order. 

The Multiple Answer question is similar to the Single Answer question, only when employees or managers respond to this question they can select all options that are applicable. They are not limited to a single response. 

The Rating Scale option allows employees and managers to choose a numerical value to rate their performance or performance of their peers. The lowest rate will be 1 and the Upper Bound option can designated by the company administrator, with options from 1 - 10. 

The Star Rating option is similar to the Rating Scale where employees can choose a value or star. The lowest star value will be 1 and the highest Number of Stars option can designated by the company administrator, with options from 1 - 10. 

The Long Text question allows employees and managers to respond to an open ended question with a maximum of 600 characters included in their responses.

The Short Text option is used for short-open ended answers with a maximum character count of 200 for the employee or manager's response. 

Questions can be updated after they are created by selecting the question on the right and then updating the question or responses and selecting Update Question. 

After creating all survey questions, company administrators can send the survey to an employee  by selecting Choose Your Audience. The survey can be sent to the Entire Company, all employees in certain organization groups, like Locations, Departments, Divisions, Job Classes, or Job Titles or to specific employees at a time by choosing Custom and then entering the name(s) of the employee(s) in the Search for an employee field. 

The company administrator will review the questions, the recipients, and complete additional details on the Finalize & Send page before the survey is sent. The company administrator can make the survey anonymous or choose to see each employee and their response. The survey can be sent immediately or on a future date. The due date is entered in to the This survey should be completed and signed by: field. When the survey is complete the company administrator will click Send Survey. 

The company administrator will determine the email SUBJECT and customize the message to employees. Any field in brackets [ ] will merge data from the EaseCentral system into the email automatically. The [URL] must not be edited or removed. This will generate and display a unique URL for each employee to complete the survey. When the email is complete click Send and the email notification will be sent to employees to complete the survey. 

Note: Managers and employees do not have access to create and send surveys to other employees. Company administrators only have access to create and send surveys in the HRIS module. 

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