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Company administrators have quick and clear access to company growth, demographics, and key performance indicators in a centralized dashboard on the HRIS > Stats page. 

Company Growth will display the total current HEADCOUNT and then total NEW EMPLOYEES, DEPARTURES, and the TURNOVER % rate over one the past year. The numbers can be viewed for each month during the year by clicking on the blue bar above the month. The turnover rate is calculated by taking the total number of separations for the year and dividing it by the average amount of employees during the year. 

The Diversity chart shows the distribution of salary by gender by specific salary ranges. 

Company administrators can view distribution of company organization types for employees over a period of a year. The number of employees assigned to a specific Department, Division, Job Title, Job Class, or Location are displayed for each month and are each assigned a color on the graph. Company administrators can quickly view how these assignments fluctuate over the year. 

Additionally, statistics can be viewed by other employee demographics tracked in EaseCentral. By selecting one of the options/colors within the chart the company administrator is able to view the total number of employees in the demographic category as well as the percentage of total employees in the demographic category. 

Note: Demographic and work related data must be entered and kept up-to-date in EaseCentral in order for the Stats to display accurate data.