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If any of the company Policies accrue time off per Pay Cycle, the Pay Schedules page will need to be configured. 

Pay Schedules can either be imported or added manually. As a best practice pay schedules should be entered for more than one calendar year. Pay periods must be entered every year to ensure time off accrues for each pay period. To begin, click on Pay Schedules > Add Pay Schedule from the company Profile page. Enter a name (e.g., Semi Monthly) and then click Add Pay Schedule.



Click Actions > Import Pay Periods option to import company-specific pay periods. An import template is available on the page as well as at the bottom of this page. Include the Pay Schedule as the Name, the pay period Start date, the pay period End date and the payroll Process date. 

Pay period start and end dates can also be entered manually by choosing the Actions > Add Pay Period option and entering each pay period separately.



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