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When an employee or a manager logs in and has a pending review to complete, they will see an alert in the Reviews icon on their dashboard.

The employee or manager will choose Start for any of his/her open reviews. 

The employee or manager will select or type the appropriate answers and click Submit at the bottom. Once an employee submits the review he/she can edit the responses up to the due date. After the due date the employee or manager cannot make updates to responses. 

The company administrator can view the responses for all employees in EaseCentral. Managers can view reviews they have been assigned to complete in the Direct Report Manager Reviews page by clicking Start, Continue, or View.  Managers can see the responses sent directly to their direct reports by the company administrator in the Direct Report Self-Assessments page by clicking View. Managers do not have access to view responses for employees other than his/her direct reports. 

After clicking view the company administrator or manager can view all employee responses. 

Company administrators can remind employees or managers to complete assigned reviews by clicking View next to the review on the HRIS > Reviews page and then selecting Send Reminder and customizing the email reminder message. 

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