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Company administrators can view employee survey responses on the HRIS > Surveys page. 

To view answers to a specific survey, click View next to the survey or the survey under Name

On the Overview page the company administrator can review the survey setup and the status of each employee who received the survey. Company administrators can send a reminder email to employees to complete and sign the survey by clicking Send Reminder. 

The company administrator will determine the email SUBJECT and customize the message to employees. Any field in brackets [ ] will merge data from the EaseCentral system into the email automatically. The [URL] must not be edited or removed. This will generate and display a unique URL for each employee to complete the survey. When the email is complete click Send and the email reminder will be sent to employees.

Survey Responses are viewable for each employee by clicking on the employee's name in the Response page and then the survey name. 

Details from the combined response of all employees can also be viewed on the HRIS > Surveys > Stats page. These details can be exported into a spreadsheet format for a detailed review of responses from each employee. 


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