EaseCentral can be used to gather completed applications using a very quick and simple process. To implement a basic setup for an employer and to quickly roll out EaseCentral for open enrollment please follow the instructions below. The steps below will allow employees to make their plan selections and complete all applications in EaseCentral. 

Note: These instructions do not review all settings and only the options required to complete a basic site setup. Contributions and supporting documents will not be displayed to employees as they enroll. New hire waiting periods and age determination calculations will be defaulted to the standard settings, e.g., waiting period of first of the Month following the date of hire and age determination at each plan anniversary date. 

On the EaseCentral login screen click Add Company.

Enter the Company Name, City and State. These fields are required and are referenced in almost every aspect of the system.


Click Add Company to create the company portal. 

Profile > Profile


Choose an AGENT. AGENT options come from employees added in the Broker portal. The AGENT will have access to view and edit the portal.


Choose one or more TEAMs. TEAM options are based off teams added in the Broker Profile > Organization which is only accessible by portal administrators.


In the Company portal, select Benefits > Actions > Add Plan.


Choose the appropriate plan TYPE from the list of plan options. The plan configuration options will be based on the plan TYPE selected. For example, if a salary-based benefit plan type is chosen, coverage amount options can be entered. 


Enter an ADMIN NAME. The ADMIN NAME is only viewed by system administrators and not by employees. Typically you'll want to include the plan year within the ADMIN NAME


Enter a DISPLAY NAME. The DISPLAY NAME will be viewed by employees. If the carrier enrollment form includes plan options the DISPLAY NAME should exactly match the plan name listed on the form. If plan options/checkboxes are not already included on the form, the plan name entered here will be mapped on the form. 


Enter the EFFECTIVE DATE or the plan year start date. 


Click ADD PLAN.  


Benefits > Eligibility 

POLICY NUMBER entered here will be mapped to carriers forms. 

Benefits > Forms

On the Forms page, start typing the name of the carrier form/application in the FORMS field to find and assign the carrier enrollment form. Each form option can also be viewed on this page by clicking View to the right of the Form IDSelect the appropriate form and add it to the plan.


**The Form ID is also listed for convenience and should be matched to the footer on the carrier's enrollment form. Always verify that the form chosen is the correct version that the carrier is expecting to receive. Please verify with the carrier if needed.**

Customize > Show/Hide Fields

Employee and dependent fields can be selected and displayed or deselected and not displayed to employees as they go through the enrollment process. The Show/Hide Fields section determines which fields to display. Employees will have access to view and edit this information if selected. If deselected, the fields will not display to employees. To complete a basic, quickstart setup, leave the defaulted options selected and do not make any changes. 

To brand the company, click Customize > Branding. Add the Custom Domain which will be used in the login URLEnter the company name in this field with a minimum of 3 characters. Do not include any spaces. The system will automatically add easecentral.com to the name chosen.   


In order to import employees go to the Employees > Actions > Import Employees menu. Use the Basic Census template attached to this solution below to populate employees into EaseCentral. 

  • Save the import file in .csv format. An Excel file can be saved in .csv format by choosing Save As and selecting the Comma Separated Values (.csv) option. 
  • Click Choose File and select the saved file. 
  • Click Actions and select Test Import.
  • View Test Run results and compare them to expected results. 
  • If the results match expectations, click Choose File and select the saved file. Then click Import
  • The system will acknowledge all successful employees imported and/or updated.

Employees can be added manually by choosing Employees > Actions > Add Employee. This can be easier when adding a small amount of employees or to add newly hired employees once the portal has been implemented. 

Benefits > Enrollment Dates

Enter the company’s Open Enrollment Dates under the Benefits > Open Enrollment. When employees log in during that time they do not need to enter a qualifying event reason in order to enroll. They will see the green Start Open Enrollment button which will start their open enrollment process. The open enrollment END DATE should be the day the employees can no longer make changes. Open enrollment will deactivate in EaseCentral at 12am based on the employee's time zone on the END DATE entered.

Employee login information can be sent in the Logins section of the company portal. 

Login emails can be sent to employees with valid email addresses entered into employee profiles in EaseCentral. For employees who have not had their password set, the email will include a registration link they can use to access the system. For employees who have logged in or had their password set, the email will include the company's EaseCentral URL (example: https://zacskitchen.easecentral.com). 

Select all or specific employees and click Actions > Send Logins. 

When open enrollment is complete, completed applications can be generated on the Benefits page. 

Select the check box next to all plans. Select Reports > Enrollment Forms. Then go to the REPORTS menu to download the compressed file with completed forms for all plans selected. 

View each step in the Quickstart Simple Setup Guide video below.

For a more detailed implementation, or for more advanced users, please review and follow the full implementation process which starts with Adding a Company.