EaseCentral has integrated with UNUM’s plane.biz app to allow online enrollment for products offered through the plane.biz app, but also for other UNUM and non-UNUM products.

Integrated products will be fed through EaseCentral directly to UNUM for immediate enrollment and approval. Products that are not available through UNUM’s enrollment app can still be enrolled online through EaseCentral, with a simple export of either PDF forms or an Excel census. 

The following products are integrated through EaseCentral directly to UNUM, and are available to groups with 50+ employees:

  • Whole Life 
  • Group Accident 
  • Group Critical Illness 
  • Group Hospital Indemnity 
  • Individual Short Term Disability 

For more details, including step-by-step instructions, please access the Unum Integration Guide or view the video below. 

Please be sure to follow the Unum Integration Guide or video tutorial found to ensure a smooth enrollment.


You will find detailed instructions in the guide, but here are the basics:


1. Send a request to support@easecentral.com and ask for the UNUM integration to be enabled. (This will only need to be done once at the broker level)

2. Go to Company > Marketplace > Carrier Integrations

3. Click on the UNUM box to Enable 

4. You will now see the UNUM Integration Wizard to help you get started.

Below are common errors and how to prevent them:



  • This will be needed for setup, and will be received from Unum.  Please allow a 5-7 day turnaround time for the Sold Case Notification which contains this information.


  • Be sure you have hours, compensation, and compensation type for each employee.


  • Employee pay periods must match what has been provided to Unum, and can be found on the Sold Case Notification along with your Case GUID.


  • Only use test employee information provided on the Sold Case Notification from Unum.  Any data outside of this will be enrolled.


  • You will need to choose a plan type that supports the integration.  Please refer to the guide for instructions.

If this is your first time setting up the Unum integration, please Schedule 20 Minutes with our Support Team to walk you through the setup process.


Note: Qualifying events, changes in coverage, and terminations are not yet synced through the integration. EaseCentral and Unum are working together on this and hope to roll out a sync feature. Meanwhile, changes and terms can be reported directly to Unum through iServices or 800.ASK.UNUM.

Brokers can use EaseCentral for existing Unum integrated products during renewal.  Please contact your Unum sales team to let them know you will be using EaseCentral for your Case GUID.