The integration to HealthPartners is for initial submissions or renewal updates for small groups. All enrollments will be sent to HealthPartners electronically directly from EaseCentral. When HealthPartners EDI is used, completed enrollment forms or census files don't need to be submitted to HealthPartners. 

Please notify EaseCentral and HealthPartners if you are interested in using the integration to submit new cases or renewal updates to HealthPartners. Notification to HealthPartners should occur at least 45 days prior to renewal for existing cases, or at least 31 days prior to the renewal date for new cases/initial submissions.

Please refer to the HealthPartners & EaseCentral Integration Guide for integration setup steps. EaseCentral will likely perform many of these steps, outlined below, on behalf of the broker during the limited release testing stage:


  • Broker notifies EaseCentral and the HealthPartners Account Manager that you are planning to use EaseCentral and send OE data to HP through the EaseCentral integration for a specific group
  • HealthPartners completes the integration checklist
  • EaseCentral enables “Electronic Submissions” in Marketplace
  • HealthPartners sets the group for electronic submission in the HealthPartners system
  • EaseCentral confirms the group number, package/plan codes, and site codes for active and COBRA from HealthPartners
  • Employer completes open enrollment in EaseCentral
  • Broker notifies HealthPartners and EaseCentral when open enrollment is complete and when enrollments are ready to be submitted
  • EaseCentral verifies setup and notifies HealthPartners to accept submission
  • EaseCentral completes the submission
  • EaseCentral validates any errors with HealthPartners and confirms total number of enrollments received 
  • EaseCentral addresses errors within 5 business days
  • HP processes enrollments and provides confirmation
  • ID cards are sent to employees within 1-3 business days

Note: When we send the file to HealthPartners, anyone who is a current member not included in the open enrollment file will be “termed by omission” and we will send them a cancellation letter informing them of their termination.

Note: Ongoing new hires, terminations, and qualifying events will not be sent to HealthParters.