EaseCentral has integrated with Transamerica to allow online enrollment for their worksite voluntary products.

Integrated products will be fed through EaseCentral directly to Transamerica for enrollment and approval.  You will need to trigger the initial submission, but once approved and policies have been issued all new hires, terminations, and changes will be sent automatically.

The following products are integrated through EaseCentral directly to Transamerica on Guarantee Issue Cases – products requiring Evidence of Insurability should still be submitted via Transamerica’s mapped forms.


·      AccidentAdvance

·      CriticalAssistance Plus

·      CriticalEvents℠

·      CancerSelect Plus

·      CriticalAssistance Advance

·      TransDI Plus

·      TransElite

·      HospitalSelect II

·      Trans$ure

·      Trans Select

·      TransConnect

Please note: If you are using e-submission, Transamerica enrollment submitted through a method other than the direct file feed will NOT be accepted (i.e. forms or excel).

For plan options and rates, please visit the Transamerica Express Plans marketing page, but be sure to request monthly rates when you're ready to set up your plans.

Don't have a Transamerica sales rep yet?  Click here to connect with one.

For more details, including step-by-step instructions, please access the Transamerica Integration Guide.

If this is your first time setting up the Transamerica integration, please Schedule 20 Minutes with our Support Team to walk you through the setup process.