EaseCentral has an integration with Paylocity payroll. This integration will cut down on duplicate entry and seamlessly update employee records with demographic changes and benefit deductions.

Paylocity will be the system of record for employee demographic and work-related information. Employee demographic data will flow from Paylocity to EaseCentral. EaseCentral will send benefit deductions to Paylocity once the change has been processed by the broker or company administrator using Reports > Manage Changes in EaseCentral. 

Please see the Paylocity Integration Guide for more information about: 

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Integrated Data Fields 
  • Integration Project Plan
  • Ongoing Integration Management

Vendor Integration Fees: Employer to reach out to Paylocity to confirm fee that applies for this integration.
EaseCentral Integration Fees: $500 set up fee; $1 PEPM (per employee per month) for 1-249 lives in the EaseCentral platform; $0.50 PEPM for 250+ lives in the EaseCentral platform.

Interested Paylocity clients should send an email to support@easecentral.com to request a detailed interest email. This email will include a high level overview of the integration, a review of the fees, as well as the steps to take to get the integration started.

After reviewing the interest email, clients wishing to proceed with the integration should complete the documents below and return to the appropriate parties.

1. Complete the Paylocity Automated Data Exchange document and return to their Paylocity representative.

2. Complete the EaseCentral Payroll  Questionnaire. EaseCentral will be automatically notified of new responses.

3. Review the EaseCentral Statement of Work. A personalized copy will be provided at the conclusion of the Kickoff call.

4. Review the EaseCentral Memorandum of Understanding

5. Review the Integration Timeline. A personalized copy will be provided at the conclusion of the Kickoff call.

Please be aware that the integration cannot be done during open enrollment. For an optimal experience, we recommend that the integration is started once the deductions are already loaded into the payroll system.

For employers and brokers interested in learning more about Paylocity or switching payroll companies please reach out to: 

Denise Figone

Director of Channels & Alliances
(415) 975-1435