If benefit deductions are taken at a different frequency than per each paycheck, this can be specified on the DEDUCTION CYCLE on the plan Profile tab. This will default to Employee Pay Cycle but can be set to other options such as Monthly or a specific number of deductions (e.g., 2 Deductions, 3 Deductions, etc.,). An example of when this would be used is if a company is paid bi-weekly but takes benefit deductions semi-monthly. 

When this feature is used and there is a difference in deduction cycles, for example Medical is deducted based on employee's pay cycle (bi-weekly) but FSA is taken semi-monthly, the per pay amount will be displayed at the bottom of the election page but the Benefit Summary will display all amounts as monthly. See below for an example of how it will be displayed to employees:

Note: If the employee is enrolling in plans that have deductions based on pay cycle and waiving the plan(s) that have different deduction cycles, their Benefit Summary will show the amounts based per pay period instead of monthly.

Reports including plan censuses, consolidated billing, and custom reports will include the Deduction Frequency for clarity.

Note, if the client has a payroll integration this will affect how amounts for deductions and earning codes are provided to the carrier.