Part-Time, Variable-Hour, and Seasonal employees in a Look-Back Measurement period or Full-Time employees in a Monthly Measurement period who have been determined to be eligible in the ACA module and are not in an ENROLLMENT STATUS of Finished on ACA > Employee page will be displayed on the Dashboard in the Action Required section. Emails can be sent to employees in the eligible list notifying them they are eligible and to log in and complete their elections by selecting Actions > Send Message.

IMPORTANT: Prior to sending the email notification to employees, please follow the steps below to prepare the employee's profile so they will properly be able to enroll once notified. 

For plans set up with a MINIMUM SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK on the Benefits > Eligibility page, the SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK in the Employee > Profile > Employment page will automatically update (if Auto-Eligibility is checked in ACA Settings tab) or would need to be manually entered in order for the employee to be considered eligible or ineligible by the system. The SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK amount will be updated to the average of the hours over the measurement that applies to current the stability period. If it’s monthly measurement, then the average is for the current month. If the company uses a Look Back measurement period, then, for example, today the Scheduled Hours will display the measurement over the previous measurement period.

In addition, the BENEFIT ELIGIBLE DATE must be updated on the Employee > Profile > Coverage page in order for the appropriate effective date to be applied to the employee's coverage when they enroll. The BENEFIT ELIGIBLE DATE should correspond with the STABILITY START date for the current Stability period found on the ACA > Employees page. 

If medical plans are set up with eligibility restrictions on the Benefits > Eligibility page, the employee must be in a Division, Location, Job Class, or Department that would make them eligible for medical plans. 

Once these settings are reviewed and/or updated the employee can be sent an email message on the ACA > Dashboard page notifying them they are now eligible for benefits. 

When these newly eligible employees log into EaseCentral using the link provided in the email message, they will see the Start Open Enrollment or Manage Enrollment button on their dashboard which will start the enrollment process and allow the employee to enroll in any benefit they are eligible for. 

If Part-Time, Variable-Hour, and Seasonal employees in a Look-Back Measurement period who have been determined to not be eligible in the ACA module, the Company Administrator will also be notified on the ACA > Dashboard. Ineligible employees are listed under eligible employees on the Dashboard

If the employee is enrolled in current coverage in EaseCentral based on a previous Stability Period, the employee's coverage should be terminated on the Employees > Benefits page. Click Actions > Terminate Benefits and input the end date of the current Stability Period as the Event Date.