You can search for and review forms by selecting LIBRARIES > Forms.

The library organizes forms by the state they are used in. When accessing the Forms Library the list of forms will default to national forms used in all states listed under the United States category. You can click the drop down menu next to STATE to search for forms in a specific state.  In the Forms Library section, you will see the form Name, State, Form Id, and the Plan Types for which the forms will be available. The Name of the form is a hyperlink and will allow you to view the mapped form available. 

Some carrier forms may only be available to add for certain Plan Types. The allowable Plan Types are listed next to the Form ID.   

All forms listed on this page will be available in the Benefits > Forms page under the appropriate plan type. 

Note that change forms mapped to our library will include the employee demographic information and signature only. The actual change that is occurring (e.g., changing from plan A to plan B, or dropping a dependent) will need to be manually completed.