Agency employees can create Document Libraries to more easily add commonly used plan, company, or onboarding documents and links to multiple group portals. Documents and links added to the Document Library can be added to any company portal in Documents > Library, Documents > Onboarding, or Documents > Notifications

On the LIBRARIES page, click Actions > Add Library to create and organize new libraries with documents and links that will then be available to quickly add to any company portal. Examples of Document Libraries may be state required onboarding documents, standard Plan Summaries, SBCs, and carrier resources, or required notices. 

Within the library, documents and links can be added by choosing Actions > Add Document or Actions > Add Link. Select the file you wish to upload, enter the name that will be displayed to employees, and a description (optional) of the document to be reviewed. Employees see this description when the document is added to a company's Documents > Onboarding or Documents > Notifications


Once the Documents Library is created, documents or links can be added in groups to company portals. From Company > Documents, select Library if the documents and links should display all year, Onboarding if the documents and links should display when the employee is completing their new hire onboarding, and Notifications if the employee should be prompted to review and or add their signature acknowledgement the next time they log into EaseCentral.  

From Library, Onboarding or Notifications, choose Actions > Add From Library

All documents from the Library will be selected, but specific documents can be deselected if they do not apply by clicking on the x next to the document name. 

Note: documents and links from libraries can be populated in more than one section within the Company > Documents pages. For example, onboarding and plan documents can be added to both Documents > Library and Documents > Onboarding