Typically Company Administrators are the people that will handle ongoing employee maintenance (adding new hires, handling terminations, running reports, etc.) and be the contact for employees should they have questions about benefits or EaseCentral.  

Company Administrator Access can be restricted to only see employees in specific Locations and restricted to not have access to employee Compensation information. 

Follow the following steps to restrict access for specific Company Administrators within EaseCentral. 

Note: The Broker configuring your EaseCentral portal will assign Company Administrators and can also restrict access. 

Step 1: Once the employee is assigned as a Company Administrator, the option to allow/prevent access to employee compensation, enrollment forms, and the billing tab will be displayed on their Login tab. Note, each of these options are all defaulted to allow the Company Administrator to access. If access needs to be restricted, un-check the box next to the option the Company Administrator should not have access to. If an administrator is restricted from compensation, they are not able to access enrollment forms and their reporting options are limited. Salary-based benefits and compensation-related information will be hidden when viewing employee records and reports. 

Default setting:

Restricted from viewing compensation:

Note: Any time an employee is added as a Company Administrator on the Company Profile page in the COMPANY ADMINS section, their settings will always be defaulted to see BILLING ACCESS, COMPENSATION ACCESS, and ENROLLMENT FORMS ACCESS. If this access is deselected for any Company Administrator on the Employees > Login page, then the Company Administrator is removed from the COMPANY ADMINS field and then re-added for some reason, these settings will default again to enabled. They will need to be deselected again if they still should not have access to this information.  

Step 2: 

If the company has multiple Locations set up in the Company > Profile > Organization page, the Company Administrator may also be restricted to see only employees that are assigned to the Locations selected. By default, there will be no locations selected, and the Company Administrator will have access to see all employees in all Locations. If the Company Administrator should be restricted to only see employees in specific Locations, the Locations the Company Administrator would have access to should be selected in the EMPLOYEE ACCESS BY LOCATION field. The Company Administrator would only have access to view or edit any employees who are assigned to the Locations selected. 

Note: The Company Administrator will not have access to view any employee data for the Locations not selected. However, Company Administrators will have access to the following configuration details that are viewable by employees in restricted Locations:

  • Documents on the Documents > Libary, Documents > Onboarding, Documents > Notifications, Documents > Custom,  Documents > Private, and Plan > Documents pages
  • Plan details on the Benefits > Plans pages
  • Measurement policies on the ACA > Policies page
  • Time Off Policies on the HRIS > Time Off > Policies page

There is only one login needed for a Company Administrator user.  When a Company Administrator logs in, they will be able to toggle between Personal Profile and Manage Company. This toggle switch is accessible by clicking on the name in the top right corner.

Personal Profile will allow Company Administrators to enroll and see the employees' point of view. It's recommended Company Administrators test the employee onboarding and enrollment experience using their Personal Profile. Manage Company will allow the Company Administrator to access employee information, update employee data, and run reports. 

View in Manage Company (Company Admin view) mode:

View in Personal Profile (employee view) mode: