EaseCentral partners with eBenefits Network, a leading provider of automated carrier connections. eBN configures and manages Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integrations with a growing network of over 300 insurance carriers. eBN receives demographic and enrollment data for employees and dependents through EaseCentral's API integration. As enrollments are added and changed in EaseCentral by administrators and employees, EaseCentral will send all changes securely to eBN. eBN will program the data into the carriers' required file format and will notify them of new enrollments, terminations, enrollment changes, and demographic changes.

  • The setup fees are $650 per EDI file to any carrier.
  • Ongoing fees are $.50 per total eligible employees per month (PEPM).
    • Minimum ongoing charge is based on 100 employees 
  • eBN will bill the broker directly for integrations. Billing typically is not managed directly with the employer group.
  • Costs apply for file updates at renewal 

Note: eBN integrations are only available to EaseCentral customers with Agency or Enterprise subscriptions. Customers with Pro subscriptions are not eligible for integrations with eBN.

To get started please reach out to info@ebenefitsnetwork.com. Please also verify with your carrier contacts whether EDI is an option for your interested employers. Carriers may have a minimum number of employees or enrollments they will accept on EDI carrier connections.

Agency employees will begin the integration process by enabling eBN as a Partner in the Marketplace page. 

eBN will be notified of the integration request once eBN is enabled as a Partner within the group's Marketplace page. eBN will contact your agency with instructions on how to add an EDI order and start the data preparation process in eBN's VIP system. 

Once you have received approval from eBN for your group, you will need to complete the submissions wizard from the Benefits > Partners page so eBN can begin receiving the data for your group.

Typically integrations require 8-12 weeks to complete once the order is added to eBN's system, depending on the readiness of the employer’s data and the test file feedback turnaround time from the various carriers. The agency contact will provide the carriers' plan types and, if applicable, the employer-specific division codes, class codes, and relationship codes. Data accessed from EaseCentral will be mapped to the carrier's requirements. The broker and employer contact will be involved in the data validation and reconciliation steps in the EDI connection process. 

For more information about the EDI connection setup process with eBN, including steps and responsibilities, please see the attached eBN Process and Responsibility Overview document. 

*COBRA Administrator integrations are not supported at this time. 

*401k files are not supported at this time.

The 6/28/17 Introducing Carrier Feeds from eBenefits Network Webinar reviews the eBN and EaseCentral partnership for carrier integrations. 

 Please see the attached:

  • eBN Process and Responsibilities
  • eBN Carrier List - 06/2017
  • eBN Carrier Connections Minimum Group Size List - Please check with the carrier to confirm their most current minimum requirements.
  • End-to-End Connections Process overview
  • Notification Settings