EaseCentral has an integration with ADP for ADP's Workforce Now payroll product. This integration will cut down on duplicate entry and seamlessly update employee records with demographic changes and benefit deductions.

ADP will be considered the system of record for new hires, terminations, status changes, and compensation changes. Demographic and employment data will be sent from ADP to EaseCentral daily. EaseCentral will send deductions back to ADP daily as there are changes processed in Reports > Manage Changes. 

Note: If employers are not using the HR Module in ADP's Workforce Now product, they will need to enable this functionality. If employers are using the Benefit Module in ADP, disabling this feature may be suggested. EaseCentral integrates with ADP's payroll features, not ADP's benefits/enrollments features.

Vendor Integration Fees: $1 PEPM (per employee per month), billed through EaseCentral
EaseCentral Integration Fees: $500 set up fee and $.50 PEPM (per employee per month)

Total ADP integration fees of $1.50 PEPM will be billed through EaseCentral

To review the steps and requirements of the integration, please review the ADP Integration Guide.  If you have a qualified employer who is an existing client of ADP's Workforce Now product and might be interested in utilizing the integration, please reach out to support@easecentral.com to request a detailed interest email. This email will include a high level overview of the integration, a review of the fees, as well as the steps to take to get the integration started.

After reviewing the interest email, those clients wishing to proceed with the integration should complete the following steps:

1. Complete the payroll questionnaire. EaseCentral will be notified of new responses.

2. Enable the EaseCentral integration in the ADP Marketplace. Please note, the company name in EaseCentral must match exactly what is in ADP. As well, the name and email of the person enabling the integration must match exactly what is in ADP.

3. Enter in a payment method in EaseCentral under the Billing tab. The $500 setup fee and $1.50 PEPM fee will be billed to this payment method.

The EaseCentral team will reach out once the above items have been completed.

Please be aware that the integration cannot be done during open enrollment. For an optimal experience, we recommend that the integration is started once the deductions are already loaded into the payroll system.

For employers and brokers interested in learning more about implementing ADP's Workforce Now product please visit the ADP website.