The EaseCentral iOS mobile app is available to download in the App Store. Employees can now securely review a quick summary of their benefits, read plan information, and access policy numbers from any location.

For employees of businesses who use HRIS by EaseCentral the mobile app goes even further:

  • Time Off: Employees can review their available time off, request time off, and see upcoming time off in a calendar view.
  • Calendar: Employees can plan ahead with a full calendar view that includes upcoming national holidays.
  • Directory: Connect with coworkers from anywhere. Employees can access colleagues’ photos, email addresses, and phone numbers.

To access the EaseCentral app, employees, managers, and administrators will search for EaseCentral on the App Store.

Once the app is installed the employee would access the EaseCentral app by entering their company's Custom Domain.

The company's Custom Domain can be found on the Company > Customize > Branding page. This should be communicated to employees by the Broker or Company Administrator when announcing the app to employees. 

Then employees will enter their email address or username they use to log into their company's EaseCentral portal. 

They will also enter the same password they use to log into their company's EaseCentral portal. 

After logging in, employees can view a summary of their previously elected benefits, including any policy numbers, effective dates, employee costs, and supporting plan documents, including Plan Summaries, SBCs, and Provider Search Links entered by the agency when the plan was configured in EaseCentral. 

Note: Member IDs are only available for Anthem plans and only to employees of groups that are using the EaseCentral Anthem integration. 

For employees of companies who use HRIS by EaseCentral the mobile app allows the employee to manage their time off, view a calendar of holidays and team time off schedules, and view a company directory. 

Employees can view their available time off policies and the balance of hours available to them out of the total amount allotted by the company. If the employee has any upcoming or previous time off requests they can view each request and its approved status. 

Employees can Request Time Off to submit a request to their manager or the Company Administrator. They will choose the policy Type, the Start Date of their time off request, the End Date, and whether either is a Half Day. The Total Hours will automatically be calculated for the employee based on the Start Date and End Date and the work schedules configured in the Time Off > Work Schedules page in the company's EaseCentral portal. The employee has the option to submit a note to their manager with their time off request. 

Employees can cancel time off requests not yet approved, but once approved the requests are locked and employees cannot edit or cancel their requests. 

Managers will receive an email notification when employees enter time off requests either in the EaseCentral portal or on the EaseCentral mobile app. 

Note: Managers will approve time off requests in the company's EaseCentral portal. An upcoming version of the mobile app will allow Managers to approve Time Off. 

Employees and managers can view a calendar of company holidays and approved time off requests of team members. 

Employees can view a directory of their company colleague's work contact information, including job title, work phone number, and email address if entered by the Broker or Company Administrator in the Employee > Profile > Personal and Employee > Profile > Employment pages in the EaseCentral portal.  

Employees can search for and locate contact information for work colleagues by their first or last name. 

When employees log into their app after signing in, they will either be prompted to enter their password or if they have Touch ID enabled on their phone, they can use that option to log into their EaseCentral app. 

We’ve put together a few resources to help spread the word to your groups, including a flyer and email announcement.

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