Brokers and company admin users are able to view the status of emails sent from the EaseCentral portal. Under the Logins tab of the company portal, a listing of Login emails, forgotten password resets, completion of onboarding or enrollment notifications, along with the action can be tracked. Please see below for a listing of all actions along with an explanation of each.

Processed - Request received in EaseCentral portal to send email notification

Delivered - Email delivered to recipient

Click - Employee clicks on portal URL in email

Open - Email opened by recipient

Bounced - Email blocked by recipient's server. Please be sure client has whitelisted our IP's and domains. Please also have the client's IT department review their Mimecast settings as this is likely the reason the email is being blocked. Once the settings are confirmed, please reach out to EaseCentral support to have bounce cleared.

Dropped - Email marked as spam by recipient, client is blocking EaseCentral emails, or email has previously bounced. After confirming that client has whitelisted EaseCentral and Mimecast settings allow EaseCentral emails, please reach out to EaseCentral support.

Blocked - The EaseCentral IP address has been blocked or blacklisted. Please work with client's IT department to whitelist our IP's and domains, and review their Mimecast settings.

Deferred - The client's mail server has asked SendGrid to stop sending emails so fast. This may occur if a large number of emails are sent at once.