Based on popular demand by our brokers and supporting partners and enrollment firms, we have added Assistant Access for approved partners. These partners include General Agents, Marketplace Partners, and Enrollment Firms. This access level can only be added by EaseCentral staff and does not count against the seats in your agency portal. Assistants can add/edit plans and run reports. They are not able to add companies, view/manage HRIS/Onboarding, or access the Marketplace.

Adding an Assistant:

  1. Send a request to add an assistant to your subscription at no additional cost to  
    • Provide the user’s first name, last name, email address and company. 
    • Assistant Access is reserved for approved partners only.
  2. Once you have received confirmation from EaseCentral Support that the assistant has been added, create a Team for this assistant, in order to designate access to specific companies (for more details on adding a team, see Broker Portal Settings.
    • Name the Team based on your assisting partner.

        3. Assign the individual assistants to the newly created team, as noted in your initial request to EaseCentral Customer Support.

        4. Add that Team to the company to which you would like to grant access.

        5.  Send a login to the assistant from the Logins tab of the broker portal.             

                        If the assistant sees the following error, you may have forgotten to add them to a team and/or add the team to the company.

                        Once the assistant is a part of a team, and the team is attached to a company, they will be able to access that group.  They can either search for the group by name, or press “space” then “enter” to see all groups that they

                        have access to.

8. Assistants are not able to add a company, or access the Marketplace.  This means that the Broker with the license will need to create the Company for the Assistant to Access, as well as enable any Marketplace services using their login.

9. Assistants do have the ability to add and edit plans, manage employees, enrollment, run reports, etc.

For additional information or questions, please reach out to