The integration for Blue Shield of CA is for new group, initial submissions only for small groups.  Brokers can send submissions directly to Blue Shield or directly to a General Agent they are working with.  Brokers will be able to send enrollment forms and a census file in Blue Shield’s format through EaseCentral eliminating the need to send separately.    Note:  Only applications signed by the employee will appear on the Blue Shield census file.

In order to send submissions to Blue Shield directly, the broker must first enable Blue Shield of CA within the agency Marketplace.  

If sending through a General Agent, the broker must first enable the General Agent within the agency Marketplace and send the submission to the General Agent directly and the General Agent will send the submission to Blue Shield.

Blue Shield plans must designate Blue Shield of CA as the CARRIER within the Plan Profile page.  Once the CARRIER is added, the CARRIER PACKAGE and CARRIER PLAN ID fields will show.  These fields are required to send submissions to Blue Shield or to send Blue Shield enrollments to a General Agent. Select the appropriate values from the drop-down list. 

Once plans are set up and all enrollments have been entered into EaseCentral, you may send the initial submission to Blue Shield of CA or the General Agent.  If sending direclty to Blue Shield, enable Blue Shield of CA in the Marketplace of the Company.

Select the Get Started button to begin the submissions process.

Review the Overview section for any instructions and then click Next through the wizard.

Blue Shield of CA will receive an email that you are requesting to send an initial submission for the Company.  

You will receive an email confirmation email once Blue Shield grants permission to receive your submission.  

Once permission is granted, you can continue with the submission process by accessing the wizard through the Marketplace of the Company again.  Click Add Submission to add the plans you plan to submit through EaseCentral.

Follow any instructions listed in Important Information section.

Select the plans to submit, complete and upload the Master Group Application* and upload any supporting documentation.  Answer any questions required by the Partner.  

*Once this Master Group Application is filled in and uploaded, EaseCentral's wizard will convert it to the MGA spreadsheet/census that Blue Shield requires for submission.

Select Submit to Partner once all information is complete.    

If there is any missing information, the STATUS will show as Not Submitted and a message will display.  Update any missing information and select Submit to Partner again.

Click Next to be brought to the Finish screen.  A message will display with the status of your submission.

View status of any submissions on the Company > Benefits > Partners tab.