Clients with Enterprise level subscriptions are able to take advantage of carrier census files pre-programmed into the EaseCentral platform. Please follow the simple steps below to run a census in HealthPartners' layout:

1. Go to the client's Benefits page. 

2. Be sure that the appropriate CARRIER is selected on the plan profile page, update/add if needed. Return to the Benefits page once finished

3. Check the box next to the HealthPartners plan(s) to be included on the census

4. Click on Reports > Carrier Census

5. Select the appropriate carrier from the drop list

6. Click Generate

7. Click on Reports link at the top of the page

8. Download the report and send to your carrier rep

Important details regarding the use of the HealthPartners' census file:

Allowable group size: Large group

Use cases: New group initial enrollment and open enrollment only. EaseCentral will send a census of enrollments and HealthPartners will use a term/waive by omission logic meaning that if the employee is not listed on the file, HealthPartners will assume they are waiving or terming prior coverage. Ongoing changes and new hires should be done using enrollment/change forms within EaseCentral.