PeoplePay is a third party administrator for consumer driven plans.

The PeoplePay plan types available in EaseCentral are:

FSA Dependent Care

FSA Health Care (including Limited Purpose)

Health Reimbursement Account

Health Savings Account



To access the PeoplePay plan library, PeoplePay must be enabled from the Broker Marketplace.

Once enabled, to add PeoplePay plans to a Company, from the Benefits screen select Actions, Add Plan, select the PeoplePay plan library, then select which plans you are offering.

Once the plans are added and employees have elected benefits, the enrollment data can be submitted to PeoplePay in EaseCentral.  To submit enrollment data, enable PeoplePay from the Company Marketplace.  Follow the on-screen instructions.  The first submission is completed in EaseCentral, and scheduled reports with changes will be automatically sent to PeoplePay on a regular basis.

Enrollment forms are not required.

PeoplePay pricing information is available here.

To request a proposal from PeoplePay, click here.

For more information, contact PeoplePay.